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November 3 2009 Posted by: Mark Fidelman in: Enterprise 2.0, Miscellany

Twitter Lists – How are they useful?

Twitter Lists are changing the way Twitter is being used.  A few weeks ago, I was given early access to Lists as one of the more active Twitter users.   Lists are useful to track conversations from groups of people without actually following them.  For instance, interested in Enterprise 2.0? Then follow this list by Daniel Hudson @webtechman.  Technically, you are not following each individual in the list, but the entire list itself.  

Mark Fidelman Twitter ListsI’ve created a couple of lists in particular that regular followers of this site will be interested in.  The first is the Open Source Most Influential List based on a highly controversial selection of influential Open Source Executives.   The second is the Google Wave list for which I have only partially compiled.  Please send me suggestions via comments below so that I can continue to build this list.

If you are looking for additional lists, I recommend you look at Jenn Van Grove’s @jbruin’s post at Mashable.  She and they have created a library of articles and lists around this new feature.  They’ve also discovered a few list widgets:

Just this morning we saw Seesmic Desktop release a new version of their application to support Lists, and now there’s news of a brand new widget.

and an Update: Twitter’s getting into the Lists widget game with its own Twitter List widget as well. While the code is longer, it is more user-friendly to build. Here’s an example of the Twitter widget for Mashable:

Twitter lists can be used to track segmented conversation and specific subject matter.  Think of it as tuning into a radio station that is only playing Enterprise 2.0,  Google Wave, Marketing  or Gourmet Recipes with the occasional off subject chatter (since most people are discussing more than one topic). 

Yet with new features comes more angst.  Now people will be measuring your influence based on how many lists you are on, not just the quantity and quality of your followers.  

Hey, I don’t make the rules… I am just the messenger!        

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