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January 6 2010 Posted by: Mark Fidelman in: Enterprise 2.0, Featured, Miscellany

The 2010 Enterprise 2.0 All-Star Blogger Roster

Now that the holiday hangover has worn off and the bills are coming due, I want to turn your attention to the individuals that are most influencing the Enterprise 2.0 space.  Those of you that are early adopters or just starting to research Enterprise 2.0 can short cut the search for quality information by following and reading from these all-stars.

How and why were these people chosen?  By a combination of influence and focus on Enterprise 2.0.  Some highly influential bloggers like Chris Brogan, Fred Zimny and Jeremiah Owyang were not chosen because their focus is outside the E2.0 space.  Sure they have an opinion on E2.0, but their primary focus is not on E2.0.

You’ll notice I’ve included Dennis Howlett.  In my opinion, he’s doing us a favor by pointing out the gaps in our claims and the flaws in our products.  We made him a E2.0 Referee because he’s never afraid to call foul.  In fact, we need more referees like him that keep the industry from going out of bounds.

If you want to follow these individuals on Twitter I recommend the following Twitter lists by WebTechman, Sameer Patel and Hutch Carpenter.

And now the list: <Hint: you’ll need to click to enlarge>

Enterprise 2.0 all star blogger list

The text version with links is below:

Dion Hinchcliffe
Twitter: 7646
Alexa: 1300*
Compete: 772*
Washington DC
Ben Kepes & Cloud Ave
Twitter: 1487
Alexa: 1,396,585
Compete: 844,484
New Zealand
Scott Gavin
Twitter: 665
Alexa: 2,720,337
Compete: 895,741
Kent, UK
Jerry Bowles
Twitter: 475
Alexa: 1,266,949
Compete: 3,542,371
New York
Sameer Patel
Pretzel Logic
Twitter 2087
Alexa: 1,440,537
Compete: 334,189
Palo Alto, CA
Andrew McAfee
Twitter: 5677
Alexa: 334,225
Compete: 207,185
Boston, MA
Bill Ives
Fast Forward Blog
Twitter: 2954
Alexa: 230,786*
Compete: 103,018*
Boston, MA
Venkatesh Rao
Enterprise 2.0 Blog
Twitter: 749
Alexa: 482,772
Compete: 132,525
Arlington, VA
Gil Yehuda
Gil Yehuda’s Enterprise 2.0 Blog
Twitter: 2386
Alexa: 791,449
Compete: 633,896
Boston, MA
Jacob Morgan
Twitter: 4164
Alexa: 144,812
Compete: 149,647
San Francisco, CA
Ross Dawson
Trends in the Living Networks
Twitter: 7327
Alexa: 158,515
Compete: 207,220
Sydney, Australia
Oliver Marks
Collaboration 2.0
Twitter: 2138
Alexa: 1300*
Compete 772*
San Francisco, CA
Hutch Carpenter
I’m actually not a Geek
Twitter Followers 3493
Alexa: 348,310
Compete: N/A**
San Francisco, CA
Stewart Mader
Future Changes
Twitter: 998
Alexa: 2,484,238
Compete: 1,602,104
San Francisco, CA
Oscar Berg
The Content Economy
Alexa: 1,498,937
Compete: 872,330
Twitter: 721
Lund, Sweden
Dan Keldsen
Twitter: 4682
Alexa: 740,974
Compete: 397,047
Boston, MA
Susan Scrupski
The ITSinsider
Twitter: 5196
Alexa: 1,049,761
Compete 171,568
Austin, TX
Mike Gotta
Collaborative Thinking
Twitter: 1,505
Alexa: 535,242
Compete: N/A**
Larry Hawes
Together We Can

>Twitter: 978
Alexa: 1,975,455
Compete: N/A**
Ipswich, MA

Nenshad Bardoliwalla

Strategy Driven Execution

Alexa: 1,528,224

Compete: N/A**

Twitter: 1096

Castro Valley, CA

Anthony PoncierBlog d’Anthony Poncier

Twitter: 1326
Alexa: 1,524,102
Compete: NA**
Paris France

Dennis Howlett
AccMan & Irregular Enterprise
Twitter: 4838
Alexa: 277,393
Alcaudete – where the hell is that?  Spain? .

* Combined with other bloggers

** Because the blogger is using a blogger, wordpress or typepad platform, the Compete score only reflects the platform ranking and not the individual site.

Did we miss anyone?  Please share in the comments below!

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