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August 20 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

FaceBook Like in the Real World

Thought I’d share this amazing idea centered around offline “LIKE”.  The concept involves placing RFID bands around people’s wrists and using them to LIKE activities in the real world.  Similar to how it’s done online, the technology instantly creates a LIKE moment on a user’s Facebook page.   Brilliant.  Hope to see this technology go mainstream in 2 or 3 years. What do you think? ...
August 3 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

What Every CMO Needs to Know about Content Strategy

I recently concluded a very detailed study of the most influential technical documentation sites of 2010 to determine what made them influential.  What I discovered transcended documentation to include all product and service related content. Today there are companies that using content in strategic ways that are not being discussed for competitive reasons.  These companies understand the concept of social proof and how it impacts buying decisions ...