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October 12 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

The Documentation Maturity Model (infographic)

“How does our online documentation site stack up against other organizations?” The Documentation Maturity Model (DMM) categorizes he six types of documentation sites as we have observed through our research.  We recommend you use this guide as a resource to decide which level bests suits your company’s situation and examples on what it might look like.    As companies approach Level 4 (Strategic) significant and observable ...
October 4 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Are Content Strategists the Next Corporate Rock Stars? (Visuals)

  Content Strategy is an emerging field with immense possibilities for business.  Similar to its Marketing cousin, content strategy seeks to position the right content with the right user experience at the right time for its intended audience.   The difference however, is that content strategy is less about advertising and more about revealing your product’s story.  It’s also about engagement and collaboration with potential ...