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October 4 2010 Posted by: Mark Fidelman in: Enterprise 2.0

Are Content Strategists the Next Corporate Rock Stars? (Visuals)


Content Strategy is an emerging field with immense possibilities for business.  Similar to its Marketing cousin, content strategy seeks to position the right content with the right user experience at the right time for its intended audience.   The difference however, is that content strategy is less about advertising and more about revealing your product’s story.  It’s also about engagement and collaboration with potential buyers of your product. 

Recently, I presented the following deck at LavaCon 2010 to illustrate the similarities between the successful career of the Rolling Stones and to future Content Strategists.  There are a lot of lessons to be learned from following the Stones career.    





I have to Thank…

Scott Abel, Anne Gentle, and Sarah O’Keefe for enlightening me on this emerging field.  I also want to thank Ann Rockley, Rahel Bailie, Tristan Bishop, RJ Jacquez and Jack Molisani for  being great supporters and allowing us to interview them about content strategy on camera (We’ll post the interviews soon). 

Lastly, be sure to visit our Top 25 Content Strategists list to learn who the most influential people are in the business.  

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