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April 20 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Why BranchOut is a Better Recruiting Solution than LinkedIn (Hint: It’s Social)

“50 percent of people who believe in objective morality have received a speeding ticket, compared with 60 percent of people in general.” Based on a survey of 348 people who believe in objective morality and 547 people in general – from is a new site that helps discover unexpected correlations between seemingly unrelated things. It’s fascinating how they develop the correlations and it is quite ...
April 6 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Sell Used Music on Redigi: A Threat to Apple’s iTunes?

I remember a time when the only way to buy music was to drive down to the local music store and purchase a cassette tape.  You had to buy the whole album then.  Yes, I’m serious. When the tape got old or the music fell out of favor I threw it away, listed in the classifieds (if I had a complete collection of used music) or traded it with my friends.  Back then, music quality deteriorated with every press of the play button so selling or ...