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May 30 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Is Social the new DotCom?

The term “Social” followed by any noun is exploding into the business lexicon.  And it’s beginning to feel like the fairy tale that was the dot com era.  Fueled by the Viagra of VC cash, many start-ups had enormous capital, enormous confidence and stiff valuations to match. The motto "get big fast" was the prescribed strategy. But you know how the fairy tale ended. Dotcoms became increasingly impotent, investor confidence ...
May 24 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Why Microsoft is 3X Better than Apple for Customer Support

  The Apple versus Microsoft product debate has been a constant, four decade campaign. There are proponents on both sides. While recently Apple has emerged the trendier of the two, does having trendier products translate into superior customer support? In the last few months I have met with both the Apple and Microsoft teams in charge of web-based support. While both teams are talented, their approaches to web-based customer support are much ...
May 5 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Goodbye MindTouch

  First of all, this was an incredibly difficult decision to make. I thought of a hundred reasons to stay, most of all the talented people - but in the end I believed it best to chart a new course (more on this below). I was honored to be hired by Steve and Aaron as eVP of Sales during a significant transition period for MindTouch. It was a time of tremendous growth and an exciting time to be part of MindTouch. Before I joined MindTouch, they ...