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September 29 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

The Secret to Virgin America’s Social Business Success (infographic comparison)

Want to know what it might feel like if an airline actually treated its customers like friends? Not a superficial, phony performance marked by fake smiles and fake actors (think the aviation version of the Truman Show). But an airline that runs its business by listening, supporting and doing what’s best for its customers. Instead, we’re subjected to dysfunctional relationships in a system that supports regular and repeated conflicts, which has led ...
September 15 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

The Most Successful 9/11 Social Advocacy Movement Ever and How They Did It

It’s not in character for these advocates to boast, which is appropriate, really, for the cause they are supporting leaves little to boast about.  They could of course, if they were the bragging type, brag about the 300,000 Facebook fans they acquired in just 70 days; or the one million unique visitors to their and fan page during the first 9 months of 2011; or even that their “I Will” campaign reached the #1 global trending topic on ...
September 7 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

This CEO Isn’t Afraid to Take on Jive Software or

Yammer thrives. The herd mentality around the enterprise activity stream is driving its competitors to emulate their every move.  Jive’s done it.  So has, SocialText, Newsgator, Moxie Software and IBM Connections. From the Fortune 500 to the Fortuneless company of one, the activity stream is supplanting email for many forms of business communication.   What’s going on here? There are several reasons for the ...