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October 19 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Employees must Occupy the Board Room and Demand to be Social

They were not incompetent or anything; they had simply broken more pumps in the last year than any previous year the engineers could remember. Not the inexpensive kind, but the large 200 horsepower, $22,000 pumps used in geothermal power plants; each blew up in a  succession of preventable blunders. But then it got worse. They complained to management, suggested a solution, and management did nothing about it. Details of the gross negligence still ...
October 6 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Steve Jobs THINK DIFFERENT – a Visual Tribute

Saddened by the loss of an individual who has brought great joy and anticipation back into our lives.  He’s the only individual I know of where millions of people tune into his product announcements.  He’s earned that level of attention by bringing to market products that create emotional bonds with the owner.   So, out of respect, I spent a few hours putting this tribute together for him.  I appreciate everything he’s ...