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July 25 2013 Posted by: Mark Fidelman in: Enterprise 2.0

Finally, A Twitter Tool That Can Compete With GotoWebinar And WebEx

clip_image001 Many of us that have either hosted or participated in a Tweet Chat (some call it a Tweet Jam) and are left with a feeling of disappointment. That’s because the whole experience feels like the internet did back in 1996 – mostly text based and mostly difficult to manage information.

Many of us have also hosted or participated in an online webinar – in which the best ones leave the audience with a deep understanding of the subject matter. That’s because webinars provide the ability to hit the senses with rich graphics, video and if you’re lucky, a great story line.

But webinars are like sealed rooms – only worse – only one person is allowed to talk. When only one person is talking to a room full of people, that person better be interesting or the audience will tune out. Most do in fact.

But if the room was turned inside out and attendees and their friends could participate in the presentation, that something everyone could get behind.

That’s the concept behind Nestivity’s new Tweetcast solution a product that takes the best from Webinars and brings it to Twitter. “We’ve developed an easy to use Twitter based solution that allows companies and people to have rich media discussions around virtually any subject,” Nestivity founder Henry Min told me.

And from my personal experience with Tweetcast (see disclosures), I can attest, this solution is worth using in place of webinars or tweet chats. Companies can easily use the solution to solicit feedback on existing products, launch a new product, discuss industry trends, or discuss political or social causes. It may not replace webinars in every situation, but I see it replacing a lot of them.

NYU’s Nick Jensen who is Manager of Marketing, Communications and Web Based Technology agrees with me. After using the Tweetcast tool to welcome 700+ incoming Freshman and their families, Jensen told me “This was one of the coolest things that we’ve done. We love the fact that we could answer questions peer to peer for any of the issues that freshman or their parents might have.”

For me, what was unexpected in hosting a Tweetcast, was that not only did the audience have a richer experience, their followers were able to observe and participate in my presentation as well. Better, the entire Tweetcast is archived and saved for anyone to review. No need to record it on video and post to YouTube, Nestivity turns the presentation into a community for others to participate after the event.

So from beginning to end the process was smooth, efficient, and packed with actionable insights. This is a tool for the novice, not the elite.

Take a look at what the product can do:

Twitter Video Introductions


Live Presentations Combined with Twitter Streams




Integrate Live Video from Google+ Hangouts


Watch Alan Colmes of Fox News Use Tweetcast (1 minute video)



Note: Jay Baer’s Tweetcast on his new book Youtility is this morning if you want to check out how an author uses this kind of solution.

Disclosure: Nestivity is a client of Fidelman’s company Evolve!

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