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The term Seeking Omega was coined by Jas Dhillon to describe the quest for an investment return on a business or social objective. I wrote an article about it on Seeking Alpha to give Carol Bartz some advice on how Yahoo could regain their former glory (update: she should have listened!). Alas, no response from Carol but it gave me some motivation to continue writing about the concept using this blog as a vehicle. I probably won’t always stay on topic, but my goal is to Seek for Omega solutions and write about them here (update: I now mostly write for Forbes).

Today, I am focusing on three areas (with liberal allowances for additional off topic areas) Enterprise 2.0, Social Business, and Mobile Solutions. Personally, I think these areas are the beginning of a journey and I am here to help search for an end result (hence the term seek omega). It is the end of a process that needs to be pieced together and worked backward from an ideal set of Enterprise goals.

My plan is to document the journey for corporate and consumer decision makers.

Who This Blog is For

This blog is for decision makers.  I write with you in mind.  If I can simplify your search for a solution then I feel I’ve done my job.


My bosses at @Rackspace will enjoy this by @markfidelman: (infographic and blog about Scoble effect)” – Robert Scoble

“I’m totally Jealous!  Really, really great job.   I’d love to hear if you get the viral effect from this and if it was worth the time you put into it” – CEO of a Leading Social Business company on the Drucker Presentation.


I have an arms-length relationship with most of the CEO’s of the leading social business and SCRM solution providers. I have also provided advice or have invested in companies IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, P4RC,, ThinkPassenger,, Impact Radius, Hewlett Packard.  While I try to remain objective, I have worked with and therefore write about these companies precisely because I believe in what they are doing.

To contact Mark Fidelman: markefidelman at gmail dot com

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