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September 15 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

The Most Successful 9/11 Social Advocacy Movement Ever and How They Did It

It’s not in character for these advocates to boast, which is appropriate, really, for the cause they are supporting leaves little to boast about.  They could of course, if they were the bragging type, brag about the 300,000 Facebook fans they acquired in just 70 days; or the one million unique visitors to their and fan page during the first 9 months of 2011; or even that their “I Will” campaign reached the #1 global trending topic on ...
August 3 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

What Every CMO Needs to Know about Content Strategy

I recently concluded a very detailed study of the most influential technical documentation sites of 2010 to determine what made them influential.  What I discovered transcended documentation to include all product and service related content. Today there are companies that using content in strategic ways that are not being discussed for competitive reasons.  These companies understand the concept of social proof and how it impacts buying decisions ...