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August 14 2009Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Now See SharePoint in Plain English – Video

Found this recently posted video on SharePoint in Plain English: It’s worth a look.  We are also in the process of building a common craft style video and I’ll post it here soon.  The benefits of these types of videos are that they clear away the hype and showcase the technology in laymen’s terms.  No need to think too hard.  ...
July 26 2009Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Is Shareflow the Google Wave of the Enterprise?

ZenBe has released a new product called Shareflow, which appears to be messaging similarly to Google Wave.  The concept is sound, and the Shareflow product ran smoothly in my tests.  It appears to be a more robust cc:betty – certainly a better interface.  Zenbe frames the problem and their solution well with this diagram below:     It’s a Google Wave light that is more Instant Messaging meets structured Wiki.  ...
July 10 2009Posted by: Mark Fidelman

What will Google Wave Look Like in the Enterprise

A few weeks ago I wrote about why Google Wave won’t be adopted by most Enterprise users at launch. If Google Wave did work in the Enterprise they would have to begin with Outlook integration. Why? Because Outlook has a 60% share of the corporate email client market and an overall 40% share for all email users. They can’t possible get corporations to switch en masse without an Outlook beach head strategy. In order for a Wave type system ...