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February 28 2012Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Why 99.9% of All Mobile Games are Not Profitable: The 6 Things Mobile Game Developers Must Do to Survive

Our minds are strongly biased towards causal explanations and they do not deal well with statistics. How else can you explain why mobile game developers continue to create games for an App Store market with 100,000 games already flooding it? Incredibly, there are 104 games per day that are being released into Apple’s App Store with no signs of slow down. The cause seems to be the digital bait sold in digital App Stores temptingly promoted by Apple, ...
February 2 2012Posted by: Mark Fidelman

BREAKING: Google to Capitol Records–We’re Not Going to Let You Shut Down Cloud Computing

Can someone tell Capitol Records that the music has stopped? If you haven’t been following events, Capitol Records (EMI) has sued Boston-based Redigi (a used digital music marketplace) for what amounts to copyright infringement.  Today, Google decided to enter the fray as a third party, and filed an amicus curiae brief (friend of the court) to ask the court to allow their participation in some key disputes.  In Google’s estimation, ...
July 12 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Sorry Facebook, Here’s Why Google+ Plus is Better

    Zuckerberg is a man so certain of the success of his quest that he can afford to ignore the latest attempt by Google to disrupt the social space. He displays a confidence similar to a card shark who has devoted a prodigious effort in studying every possible move by his competitors. And who now feels safe with the knowledge that every card is marked.  This type of naive fiction has worked in the past, and it may work still.  But ...