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May 30 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Is Social the new DotCom?

The term “Social” followed by any noun is exploding into the business lexicon.  And it’s beginning to feel like the fairy tale that was the dot com era.  Fueled by the Viagra of VC cash, many start-ups had enormous capital, enormous confidence and stiff valuations to match. The motto "get big fast" was the prescribed strategy. But you know how the fairy tale ended. Dotcoms became increasingly impotent, investor confidence ...
June 6 2009Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Why Seek Omega?

alt : The term Seeking Omega was coined by Jas Dhillon to describe the quest for an investment return on a business or social objective. I wrote an article about it on Seeking Alpha to give Carol Bartz some advice on how Yahoo could regain their former glory. Alas, no response from Carol but it gave me some motivation to continue writing about the concept using this blog as a vehicle. I probably won't always stay on topic, but my goal is to ...