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August 30 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Sorry Gartner, Here’s the Real Magic Quadrant for SCRM

To understand what Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) is, we have to start with a clear definition. The definition must be clearly articulated and easily understood by individuals in the industry. In the Magic Quadrant for Social CRM, Gartner writes, “Social CRM applications need to be far more customer-centric than more-traditional CRM applications. Without benefits for the customer, communities and social networks die, resulting in no ...
September 16 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Delivering Happiness Through Social Documentation

User Manuals Are Dead So why are they still being produced?  What value are they providing your customers?  User manuals today are the marketing equivalent of mailing out company brochures.  Utterly useless.  Static HTML and PDF based user manuals aren’t much better.  They haven’t evolved or kept pace with even the most rudimentary corporate websites.  Admit it.  They aren’t seen as strategic and your budget ...
July 8 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

ThinkPassenger Private Full Service Enterprise 2.0 Communities

ThinkPassenger’s red velvet rope approach is unique in the industry.  It requires corporations to shed the megaphone approach to customer messaging and to connect with their customers  one on one.  They make it exclusive, fun and rewarding to both company and participant. It’s typically full service, private and very exclusive.  Think “privileged”.  It begins with private invitations that are extended to the corporation’s customers.  ...