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January 4 2012Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Why Every Company Needs to be More Like IBM and Less Like Apple

I was thirteen years old when I first saw it on TV. An army of blue-gray drones march in lockstep through a long tunnel into an auditorium filled with more drones dressed in futuristic, grey drab. All eyes are transfixed on a big-blue image of a man speaking from a theatre-sized screen, extolling the virtues of its ‘Information Purification Directives.’ Suddenly, a woman in orange shorts and a tank top runs into view carrying a large sledgehammer. ...
February 26 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Why IBM’s Watson Computer is Still a Moron

“The computer is a moron” – Peter Drucker   Computer programming technology is still dominated by “if - then” logic.  That means computers are still using logic (human programmed) to determine the answer to a question which must be part of a pool of answers.  If the answers are not in the pool, the computer will not find the answer.  Where humans diverge from computers is the emotional intelligence we bring to an issue or ...
November 5 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

What if Peter Drucker Taught Enterprise 2.0? (Presentation)

The Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara is fast approaching.  There are a number of people and presentations that I am excited to see.  Alas, while I was fortunate enough to be selected to present at E2.0 Boston last spring, I missed the opportunity this fall.  So, in the spirit of the conference next week, I decided to post the presentation I would have given if I were fortunate enough to have been selected ...