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August 24 2009Posted by: Mark Fidelman

The Importance of Psychological Currency: Connecting Mind To Enterprise (Part 2)

  Thinking about how people work in today’s enterprise reminds me of the movie Being John Malkovich.  You know what I’m talking about – it’s like the low-ceiling offices on floor 7½ of the Mertin Flemmer building in New York City.  The ceiling is all of 4 1/2 feet high, and they have to emergency-stop the elevator to get to the floor.  It was used by companies that wanted to cut corners; “low overhead, my boy - we pass ...
August 22 2009Posted by: Mark Fidelman

The Importance of Psychological Currency in Enterprise 2.0 (Part I)

There are so many things floating around about Enterprise 2.0 lately that touch on the 50,000 ft view, but not many that dive into the details.  Before we see mass adoption in the Enterprise like we have seen with social media outside the Enterprise, some key psychological characteristics need to be properly converted.  I recall the early days of social networking while I was an advisor and investor to ZeroDegrees (acquired by IAC) and my ...