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February 2 2012Posted by: Mark Fidelman

BREAKING: Google to Capitol Records–We’re Not Going to Let You Shut Down Cloud Computing

Can someone tell Capitol Records that the music has stopped? If you haven’t been following events, Capitol Records (EMI) has sued Boston-based Redigi (a used digital music marketplace) for what amounts to copyright infringement.  Today, Google decided to enter the fray as a third party, and filed an amicus curiae brief (friend of the court) to ask the court to allow their participation in some key disputes.  In Google’s estimation, ...
January 20 2012Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Music Industry to Business: If We Can’t Buy SOPA/PIPA Laws, We’ll Just Sue You Instead

The song Blackout is moving up the Music Industry charts, and is bound to reach number one because it fits the industry’s belief systems. In what can only be described as acts of Dumb and Dumber, the music industry is now targeting businesses in their quest to censor the internet and control our rights to digital goods.  Just recently, EMI filed suit against Boston based Redigi in an attempt to shut down the company’s facilitation of used ...
April 6 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Sell Used Music on Redigi: A Threat to Apple’s iTunes?

I remember a time when the only way to buy music was to drive down to the local music store and purchase a cassette tape.  You had to buy the whole album then.  Yes, I’m serious. When the tape got old or the music fell out of favor I threw it away, listed in the classifieds (if I had a complete collection of used music) or traded it with my friends.  Back then, music quality deteriorated with every press of the play button so selling or ...