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September 15 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

The Most Successful 9/11 Social Advocacy Movement Ever and How They Did It

It’s not in character for these advocates to boast, which is appropriate, really, for the cause they are supporting leaves little to boast about.  They could of course, if they were the bragging type, brag about the 300,000 Facebook fans they acquired in just 70 days; or the one million unique visitors to their and fan page during the first 9 months of 2011; or even that their “I Will” campaign reached the #1 global trending topic on ...
October 11 2009Posted by: Mark Fidelman

What does the Crowd think of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media?

You may have noticed Google’s new search suggestion feature that purportedly makes search recommendations based on what people are searching.  I decided to capture a few of the more interesting ones related to our space.        There you have it.  Now you see what the crowd is thinking.  Are you surprised by the results?  Thoughts?  Other related searches you’ve made with ...