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November 22 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

The UPDATED Decision Maker’s Guide to Jive Software vs. ThinkPassenger vs. Spigit Vs. BrightIdea

Innovation Edition You and I are trapped in a two dimensional corporation.  The corporate version of Carl Sagan’s Flat Land.  Where we only see a cross section of the truth.  But if we were able elevate the corporation into the third dimension we’d  have much better visibility and access to information.  And that’s where the innovation solution providers fly in.  They provide that platform to innovate in three ...
July 8 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

ThinkPassenger Private Full Service Enterprise 2.0 Communities

ThinkPassenger’s red velvet rope approach is unique in the industry.  It requires corporations to shed the megaphone approach to customer messaging and to connect with their customers  one on one.  They make it exclusive, fun and rewarding to both company and participant. It’s typically full service, private and very exclusive.  Think “privileged”.  It begins with private invitations that are extended to the corporation’s customers.  ...