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August 10 2011Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Want to Meet One of the Most Social People in Social Business?

There are others with more followers, others with more Klout, others that tweet more, others that have written a book.  Others that are more popular, others with more buzz, others that run bigger communities and others with larger networks. But none that have a multi-channel, multi-category social dominance like Tristan Bishop.  If you only followed Tristan Bishop, then you’d have a deep appreciation of Social Business . If you only followed ...
October 4 2010Posted by: Mark Fidelman

Are Content Strategists the Next Corporate Rock Stars? (Visuals)

  Content Strategy is an emerging field with immense possibilities for business.  Similar to its Marketing cousin, content strategy seeks to position the right content with the right user experience at the right time for its intended audience.   The difference however, is that content strategy is less about advertising and more about revealing your product’s story.  It’s also about engagement and collaboration with potential ...